Pittsburgh Fitness Expo – Team Events

Pittsburgh Fitness Expo – Saturday May 27, 2016

Event Sign up Information

Day of show early sign ups at – at front entrance.

EVENTS TIME -9am to Noon

Team Events Examples

Tire Flip Relay

Each team member will have to carefully flip a ~120-pound truck tire down the length of the course and across the line at the far end, then flip the tire back to the original starting line. The second team member does the same. The tire must fall flat each time; rolling the tire in any way is unacceptable. Scoring is based on how fast a team can flip the tires a total of 4 times the length of the course to complete the relay. Each team’s time will be calculated towards their total team score.

Body Weight Relay

One teen does 5 plyometric burpees, then jumps on their teammate’s back for a piggyback ride the other end of the course. The second teen does 10 push-ups, then holds the legs of their team member as they walk on their hands (wheelbarrow race) back to the start line. Each team member must perform 2 of the sections; it does not matter who does which. Each team’s time will be calculated towards their total team score.

Weighted Sled Push

The first teen will push a weighted sled down the length of the course, cross the line at the end of the course, then return the sled back down the course and cross over the starting line where the second teen will repeat that course. Weight on the sled will be calculated as a % based on body weight. Time will be calculated towards total score.

Weight Calculation Example:      Teens weigh in at 180 lb. and 195 lbs
Average weight of both teens = 187.5 lb.
Total weight on the sled 187.5 lb. x 150% = 280 lb.
Plates added to the sled = 280 – 80 (wt. of sled) = 200 rounded to nearest 5 lb.
(This is the number that will appear on the teen’s armband.)

Super Land Ski Relay

The first teen will stand on a pair of Super Land Skis and hold onto the end of a rope while their teammate runs to the end of the course and anchors the rope at the far end. The teen on the sliders will then pull them self towards their teammate hand-over-hand until they cross the end line, then run back to the starting line and anchor the rope while the second teen pulls them self to the starting line. Each team’s time will be calculated towards their total team score.

*Events are subject to change at Event Coordinator’s discretion on the day of the event.