Cancellation Notice 2020

Hello Coaches, Parents, Teens and Friends,


Its David Hawk, with the Arnold Sports Festival – Ultimate Teen Challenge. I’m saddened to inform you due to the COVID19 (Coronavirus) concerns I’ve received many teen cancellations in addition to our sponsors under new travel restriction and part of our staff who have made a personal choice not to attend this years event. I regret due to this unfortunate news I have to cancel this years event that was scheduled for Sunday March 8th from 9AM-3PM. 
If your still planning to attend the Arnold Expo Weekend please see read the notice from the Arnold Medical Team about best ways to try and prevent coronasvirus infection. 
I apologize for this inconvenience but given the pandemic nature (outbreak and concerns), its a responsible course of action.  
If you have any questions please call me at 412-736-2645.