Arnold Sports Festival Individual Events

2018 Individual Events

Sunday March 4th – Open Registration

Awards Ceremony: Approximately  pm


All teens! Must have proof of age. The Teen Challenge is based on each individual’s strength and overall physical condition. Most events are based on athlete’s individual body weight. Each teen will compete at their personal level on the following or similar events:

Bench Press

Each athlete has one minute to do as many complete bench presses as possible. Amount of weight on the bench will be calculated at 70% of the competitor’s body weight rounded to the nearest 5-pound increment.* Strict form will be enforced for the safety of the competitors and to promote a fair competition. The bar must be lowered to the chest in a controlled fashion and touch the chest. The bar cannot be bounced off the chest. The competitor’s feet must remain flat on the floor and the back and buttocks must remain in contact with the bench at all times (no bridging). Athlete may rest with the bar in either the high or low position.


Wt. Calc. Example:               Teen weighs in at 180 lb.

Total weight on the bar 180 lb. x 70% = 126 lb.

Plates added to the bar = 126 – 30 (wt. of bar) = 96 rounded to 95 lb.

(This is the number that will appear on the teen’s armband.)


Tire Pull Competition

Each athlete will have a tire tied to their waist by a rope and advance to the starting point where there is no slack in the rope. They will run to the far end of the course pulling the tire behind them, then turn around and pull the tire hand-over-hand to the far end line. They will start their return up the course doing a bear crawl until there is no slack in the rope, then run to the original start line pulling the tire behind them, then turn around and pull the tire hand-over-hand to the original starting point. Each competitor’s time will be calculated towards their total score.


The Tire Flip

Each athlete will have to move a ~120-pound truck tire down the length of the course by “flipping it end-over-end, stop at the midpoint of the course and jump rope 10 times, cross the line at the distant end of the course and do 20 alternating toe taps onto the tire rim, then flip the tire back to the midpoint and do 10 step-throughs (stepping, not jumping) into the tire and then out the other side and reverse, then flip the tire over the original line to finish. The tire must fall flat each time; rolling the tire in any way is unacceptable. Each competitor’s time will be calculated towards their total score.

Cross-Fit Circuit

Each teen will do a four-exercise circuit containing strength, agility & cardio elements. The athlete will start out doing 20 mountain climbers, run to the first station and do 5 inclined pushups with their hands on a box step. Teens will then run to the second station and perform 10 plyometric burpees, then run to the end of the course where they will do 10 inverted body weight rows on the JackRack. Then they will run back to station two and do an inchworm to station one, where they will step across the box 10 times. They will then run to the end of the course and do 10 knee-raises on a Smith machine. Each teen’s total time will be calculated towards their total score. If a teen is unable to complete any section they will incur a time penalty.

Reverse Ball Toss

Athlete will stand at the line with their back facing a suspended crossbar and toss a slamball over the crossbar as far as possible. Points will be awarded based on the distance the ball travels.

Awards Ceremony

All teen participants will be honored and will receive a Ultimate Teen Challenge T-Shirt and special giveaways!

**Please note all events are subject to change and modification.
Stop back and look for updates on the TEEN INDIVIDUAL EVENTS page as we get closer to the competition!

*Events are subject to change at Event Coordinator’s discretion on the day of the event.

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