UTC Athletes

Amy Wolf UTC AthleteAmy Wolf

Since competing in the Ultimate teen challenge, I began competing in the physique division of bodybuilding. My favorite event at the teen challenge was the bench press. The teen challenge was an awesome experience, I look forward to competing in the next competition!

Amy Coleman UTC AthleteHaley Coleman

Since the Ultimate Teen Challenge I have joined the Crossfit community and absolutely love it and would recommend it for everyone. My favorite event at the Challenge was the tire flips. The Ultimate Teen Challenge was so much fun, I got to meet people my age that were interested in fitness and I got to challenge myself the whole day.

Christine Connors UTC Athlete

Christine Connors

Angle World Teen Winner Christine is an 18-year-old pole-vaulter from Westmont Hilltop high school in Johnstown, Penn. Training for 3 months she still had some nerves to get over. “I got scared at first because it’s like, Oh, crap. Am I going to win? Am I going to lose? But once we started doing the events it went smoothly. I had a lot of fun and would love to do it again.”

tom-saul-300x198Tom Saul

Tom, 18, attends Ironton High School in Ironton, Ohio. He is a guard and center on the storied Ironton football team, a traditional football powerhouse coached by Bob Lutz. He become inspired in the UTC from a friend, Cody Jones. “His dad just asked me one day if I wanted to go up here and try it, and I ended up going with them. It sounded like fun”. As a boy he got to meet 2 people he watched on TV growing up, Franco Harris and Kurt Angle. His thoughts on the experience “It was really fun. I’m really into weightlifting. It seemed like fun if I could get to go up there and see the Expo, because it’s nationally known for being a weightlifting thing. And then I got to meet Franco Harris. It was fun.”

austin-rowe-300x205Austin Rowe

Austin, 16, is a guard and linebacker on the Ironton High School Fighting Tigers. He had his favorite event, the bench press but going in “It was nerve-wracking, but it was fun”. His future goals are staying active throughout his life and for as fit as he is the level competitive was “I didn’t think I’d be as tired as I was — they wore you out. But It’s fun and you get to see how far along you are and how strong you are.”