Past Competitions


2013 Ultimate Teen Challenge- Arnold Sports Festival

The 2013 GNC and Dymatize Ultimate Teen Challenge proved which student athletes deserve to be on the honor roll of power and heart.

OK, so you can either settle in front of your computer for an afternoon of World of Warcraft, or you can flip a 120-lb tire clear across an auditorium floor. For some teenagers, that’s an easy call: it’s where the rubber meets the road. And they prefer the rubber.

Just when you think that the only thing teenagers have mastered is text messaging and erasing incriminating browser history logs, you encounter a group of male and female teens who redefine high school spirit—in a good way.

Growing exponentially in popularity every year, the Ultimate Teen Challenge once again was held at the Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio. This year’s ASF, which unfolded on March 2 and 3, featured dozens of male and female teens competing in an exhausting challenge of strength, skill and endurance. Not only is it invigorating for the hearty young people to participate in, it’s a riot to watch.

A Ton Of Fun

In the Ultimate Teen Challenge, entrants compete as individuals and in teams. The events are creative, challenging and entertaining. It’s like “The Hunger Games” but without the killing and starvation. Here’s an example:

GNC RAW Powertech Bench Press:
Each athlete had one minute to perform as many complete bench presses as possible, lifting 70% of the competitor’s body weight (rounded to the nearest 5-lb increment). Form had to be strict (no bridging).

Each athlete had one minute to complete as many pull-ups as possible using his or her own body weight. Competitors could use either an underhand or overhand grip, or a combination of the two. They could start and stop as many times as needed, but had only one minute to complete as many pull-ups as possible. A complete pull-up is when the competitor’s chin is lifted above the bar on the upward movement and the entire head is below the bar on the downward movement. Only complete pull-ups were counted toward the competitor’s score.

Tire-Flip Relay Competition:
Each athlete had to move a 120-lb truck tire, flipping it end-over-end four times down a 30-foot course. Each teen’s time was calculated toward their total score.

Cross-Training Circuit:
Each teen performed a three-exercise circuit with strength, agility and cardio elements. The teens started with a 200m row. Upon completion, they ran to the next station to do 40 complete box jumps. Finally, they ran to the last station to do 30 triceps dips. Each teen’s total time was calculated toward their total score. If a teen was unable to complete any section, they incurred a time deduction.

Tire-Stack Relay (team event):
Athletes had to move 12 car tires (without rolling) down a course, then stack them at the end in two piles of six each. When all 12 tires had been moved to one end, the process had to be reversed to stack the tires from the original starting point in two stacks of six tires. The fastest team won.

Shuttle Run (team event):
Each athlete had to perform a 30-yard sprint four times, transferring a baton between two marked squares for time. If a baton rolled out of the square, one second was added to the runner’s time. When both team members had completed the course, their total time was added to their total score.

The winners!

First place in the men’s overall was won by Josh Moore, and women’s first place overall was earned by Meg Conover. Josh and Meg also received a $1,000 college scholarship each. And then there were the infamous bragging rights from being crowned the Ultimate Teen Challenge Champs. Try to put a price on that. Here’s a list of the top placings.

1) Josh Moore*
2) Drake Thompson
3) Frank Townsend

1) Meg Conover*
2) Carrie Maderia
3) Allie Pridham

* Awarded a $1,000 college scholarship

Men’s Team
1) Josh Bryan and Drake Thompson
2) Kaleb Martin and Ben Fritzley
3) Marcus Jackson and Cody Childers

Women’s Team
1) Ciera Thompson and   Carrie Maderia
2) Celina Vedro and Jonalyn Gormly
3) Brittany Venezia and  Devin Martin

Supporting Today’s Active Youth!

Here’s a shout-out to all of our sponsors who made the 2013 UTC truly memorable. All athletes received GNC gift bags filled with awesome sports-nutrition products and apparel from these sponsors, as well as a 2013 Ultimate Teen Challenge T-shirt.

• Dymatize Nutrition
• TNA Impact Wrestling
• G & G Fitness
Muscle & Body Magazine
• Amino Up
• BarnDad Innovative Nutrition
• Aminogen
• Ostrim
• Supreme Protein
• CytoSport
• The Burn Machine