Rules and Regulations

Ultimate Teen Challenge

All rules and regulations have been created to promote a safe, fun, and challenging competition. Paramount among our objectives is safety. Please adhere to all rules at all times and help us to create an environment that both competitors and spectators will enjoy.


Competitors must be between the ages of 13 and 19 and have at least one proof of age: copy of birth certificate, driver’s license or school ID. Most of the events are based on each athlete’s individual body weight, thus competitors will weigh-in at registration. Each teen will compete in all Individual Events at his or her personal level. Any group of two teens (males or females) may make up a team and participate in all Team Events. Like the individual challenge, the events will task each athlete’s strength, agility and physical condition, but this time it goes to a team score.

Code of Conduct

Competitors, coaches and parents will sign the appropriate code of conduct. Good sportsmanship will be expected and enforced at the sole discretion of Event Officials and Organizers. No form of abuse, whether physical, mental or verbal will be tolerated. Violations will result in penalties up to and including removal from the event.

Competition Areas

Competitors will enter the competition areas only when instructed by official personnel. During the competition no friends or family members will be allowed in the competition area. All spectators and competitor not actively involved and specifically instructed to be in the competition area must remain in the designated spectator viewing area for the events. Violations can result in loss of points and or removal from the competition. Only coaches or one approved supervisor will be allowed to be in the competition area with a competitor at the time.


The events and order of events may be changed at any time. It is the responsibility of the competitor to be present for his or her competition. Failure to show for a competition will result in loss of points for the competitor and/or the team. The judges can and will stop a competitor during an event if he or she believes the competitor is at risk of injury.

Attire and Equipment

In all events competitors must wear clothing which is clean, and is designed and worn so as not to be objectionable. Obscene clothes or clothes with obscene words are not allowed and clothing, must be made of a material which is non-transparent even if wet. The purpose of shoes for competition is to give protection and stability to the feet and a firm grip on the ground. Shoes should be of the lace-up variety, not elastic as these may slide off the competitor’s feet and risk injury. Such shoes, however, must not be constructed so as to give an athlete any unfair additional assistance. Competitors must remove all accessories such as watches, necklaces, bracelets, etc. during the entire competition. Gloves, wraps and lifting belts are acceptable. Lifting suits are not acceptable and may not be worn. NO EARBUDS OR HEADPHONES OR BLUETOOTH / LISTENING DEVICES.

In the Event of a Tie

In the event that 2 individuals are tied for one place, raw scores will be used to determine a winner. If this does not result in a definitive outcome, one last event will be added as a tiebreaker to secure a winner. In the event that 2 teams are tied for one place, a special tiebreaker event will be held.

*Calculation of competition poundage for barbells, kettle bell, sleds, etc. will be calculated as % of each athlete’s body weight rounded to the nearest whole pound and 5# increment of competition weight. The weight designated on the competitor’s wristband is the amount of weight added onto the equipment to achieve the designated percentage of body weight.


Event Athlete’s Weight
122# 167# 202#
Bench Press
Bar weighs 30#
122 x 0.7 = 85.4
rounds to 85
→ 85# bench press
167 x 0.7 = 116.9
rounds to 117
→ 115# bench press
204 x 0.7 = 142.8
rounds to 143
→ 145# bench press
85# total wt. – 30# bar
= 55# added to bar
(designated on wristband)
115# total wt. – 30# bar
= 85# added to bar
(designated on wristband)
145# total wt. – 30# bar
= 115# added to bar
(designated on wristband)
Sled Push
Sled weighs 80#
122 x 1.5 = 183
which rounds to 185
167 x 1.5 = 250.5
which rounds to 250
204 x 1.5 = 306
which rounds to 305
185# total wt. – 50# sled
= 135# added to sled
(designated on wristband)
250# total wt. – 50# sled
= 200# added to sled
(designated on wristband)
305# total wt. – 50# sled
= 255# added to sled
(designated on wristband)

Award Levels

Scholarship awards will be presented to the 1st place Men’s and Women’s winner of the Ultimate Teen Challenge. Trophies will be awarded to the top 3 individual overall male and female place winners and to the top male and female teams in the Teen Team Events. All teen participants will be honored and will receive an Ultimate Teen Challenge T-Shirt.

Cash scholarships will be paid directly to the college or university of choice. Athletes may also choose to designate a non-profit charitable organization as the recipient of the scholarship money. Likewise, non-monetary prize awards will go directly to the school or charity of the athlete’s choosing. Scholarship money for students not immediately entering post-secondary education will be placed in an escrow account until such time as they may be applied towards an accredited post-secondary educational institute. If unclaimed after 5 years, said monies will be used to fund additional scholarship programs.


There will be no refunds for early departures or no shows.

FREE ADMISSION Terms and Conditions for the Arnold Expo- Ultimate Teen Challenge 2018

Arnold Expo FREE ADMISSION wristband only for participating, registered Ultimate Teen Challenge athletes.

Free Admission for the first 150 Registered participants – once full, normal registration fees will apply

Wristband only good for Sunday Entrance